Thank You For Your Interest In CreativeK12

CreativeK12 offers online academic services and personalized tutoring for students that need support. We provide an extensive range of subject tutoring, standardized test preparation, and academic counseling. Our certified and professional teachers customize lesson plans to match each student’s educational needs and goals. CreativeK12’s mission is to help students gain confidence as learners and become independent thinkers.

Highlights of our program include:

Top Notch

Our tutors have an average of 10+ years of experience with an in-depth knowledge of the U.S. education system.

One-on-One Approach

To provide students with support designed to fulfill their specific needs.

Outstanding Learning Results

Our students regularly increase their marks by two or more letter grades.

Effective Learning Tools

Students have access to the best technology, including Whiteboard, cloud-based saving for future review, and Lesson Space.

100% Customization & Flexibility

Students can create their own learning schedule and are matched with the best tutor for them.

If your student is facing challenges due to a new learning environment, we  encourage you to fill out this form, and a member of our tutoring team will follow up with you for a free consultation to see if CreativeK12 is the right fit.